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Professional Carpet Cleaner’s in Sydney

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Carpet cleaning is a chore and one we all try to avoid if possible. It’s in the same category as doing your homework or taking out the garbage, no-one really wants to do it. Most house owners will only have their carpet cleaned every few years, if at all, but if you want to increase its durability, and protect your family from nasty dust mites and allergens then we recommend a good steam cleaning at least two times a year.  Read more by visiting following site https://cleanmastersydney.com.au/carpet-cleaning-sydney

professional carpet cleanin
professional carpet cleanin
Steam cleaning is so much better than a conventional dry clean and the most effective way to remove deep dirt, dust and bacteria and give your carpet a fresh, new look. So how does the steam cleaning carpet process work? Let’s take a look.

Initial Inspection

Professional cleaners will come to your house to assess the state of your carpet and take notes of any areas that need specific attention.

Stain Treatments Applied

If you have relied on standard dry cleaning and haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned for a while, you will more than likely have a few stains. We will apply a specialized spot treatment solution to any stubborn marks. To protect your carpet from any harm, we apply a biodegradable pre-treatment spray. This will protect the wool fibers from any damage.

High traffic areas can show signs of flattened fibers or worn away areas. The raking helps to smooth out any of these areas and bring life back to them.

Professional carpet cleaning-1
Professional carpet cleaning-1

Special mix of natural shampoo and hot water is sprayed with high power into your carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaner’s pay particular attention to stains and matted areas. The high force of the water will loosen up the dirt and bacteria.

Finally cleaners will use a high powered vacuum that sucks the water, the dirt and grime back into the machine.

Here at Thrifty we would love to help you to find a carpet cleaning company. There is no stain too big, Cleaning company can make it look like new again.