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Sofa Cleaning

It’s time to get off the lounge, Thrifty are coming over to clean it tomorrow

Thrifty Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning Fabric sofas since 1995.

We use specialized upholstery cleaning equipment and solutions to gently clean your fabric sofas.

We pay special attention to areas that get the most soiling such as headrests, armrests and cushions.

Heavily soiled areas are pre-treated and gently agitated prior to cleaning.

We clean and protect lounges, sofas, wool and wool-blend, microsuede and macrosuede, cotton and cotton-blend, couches, foot stools, chaises, cushions, love seats, recliners, bar seats, dining chairs, board room chairs, office chairs.

How do we clean your fabric sofa?

1/ After inspection we choose the correct cleaning solution and prespray the fabric.
2/ The technician will then agitate the prespray with a soft brush solution through the
     fibres. Heavily soiled areas like armrests and headrests will receive extra prespray
     and agitation.
3/ Any stains will be treated.
4/ Fibre rinse will be added to the rinse process.
5/ Deodouriser will be added to the rinse process.
5/ Fabric will be cleaned and rinsed with a hot water extraction machine (steam cleaning) to remove all soiling and cleaning solutions from the fibres.
6/ Fabric protector will be applied to the fabric sofa. (Optional)